How about playing tournaments and also making money in France?

June 12 2013 by Press Print This Article

Besides hosting the most charming Grand Slam in the circuit, France held a tournament system that allows players at all levels taking part. In case you have a high tennis level, about 1st class in your country federation or you have played pro circuit, maybe you still have a chance to make money in tennis tournaments. Let`s get to know the French tournament system!

It`s about 10 thousand tournaments each year, however, more than 250 has good prize money involved, it means more than 4500 Euros. To take part of those events, you must have a license to play in the French Tennis Federation, FFT, it costs 21 Euros. All the information regarding this can be found at Moreover, It`s obligatory to fill a form and also a Medical Certificate of Health.

After completing this first step, you must find out what is your ranking in France. In case you have never played in France before, you can show your ranking in WTA or ATP or even show your results in other tournaments. Still, you can go to FFT in Roland Garros stadium for someone to analyze your match.

The French ranking is a bit complicated to understand, but I will basically explain how it works. There are four categories, in which the fourth is related with the ones who have no position and until 30/1; the third is from 30 to 15/1; the second from 15 until negative numbers and the first, only can take part the best tennis players in France.  There are 20 best players in women`s tennis and in men’s there are 30, considering Jo-Wilfried Tsonga as the best player. Although the players at this level don`t play the French tournaments.

According to the 32-year-old Brazilian, Eugenio Estefini, who played the French league in 2011, the tournaments have a high level. “I played as a 1/6 (in the second level), I am first class in Brazil, São Paulo. It was a very good experience, because I met people from many countries and I also got housing. The tournaments have a good level despite of the fact that the majority of the players were not professionals, I would say the best players are as 600th ATP, “explained Eugenio.

The tournaments in France may last two weeks it depends on you ranking; you may be in a good position in the draw and start to play before. The prize money of each event depends on who is playing; normally there is prize money from quarterfinals on and most of the times the champion receives 800 Euros.  In case you are playing well in the tournaments you may have a chance to be invited to play matches for clubs and make more money. It is a good opportunity for the ones who have a good tennis level but couldn`t afford the professional circuit or only to practice.

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