Belinda Bencic

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Belinda Bencic has just celebrated her 16th birthday. She was born in March 10, 1997 in Flawil, in the canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland, near Zurich and the German border. She grew in Oberuzwil, where he took his first racquet at the age of 2 with her father Ivan. Then, for a couple of years, Belinda attended the school of Melanie Molitor and was successively helped by a friendly investor who helped her family to sustain the expenses.

 In the fall of 2003 she decided to start for a big journey. With the whole family, Belinda left to go to Florida, destination the Nick Bollettieri Academy where they all remained for a year and a half. During that period, Belinda competed with many young talents, before coming back to Switzerland where she returned to practice with her first tennis teacher, Melanie Molitor, in Wollerau. In the meantime Marcel Niederer, the said investor, found further sponsors to help Belinda and her family: real estate companies, diamond vendors, besides Adidas, Yones and the management agency Octagon.

 Belinda collected a lot of victories as a junior. Last week she won the Grade 1 tournament in Santa Croce by losing a single set. This week she is the second seeded at the Trofeo Bonfiglio (Grade A) in Milan. Actually she's the fourth best Under-18 player in the ITF ranking. She's also ranked No.348 as a pro having gained 300 positions since the beginning of the season. Belinda played several $50,000 ITF events, tried to qualify for some WTA tournaments and made the most of the wild-cards received in prestigious tournaments like the Mandatory Premier in Miami. Exactly a year ago, she won her first two $10,000 ITF titles in Egypt.

Belinda seems to have a bright horizon in front of her. She decided to be coached only by her father and on her official website (yes, she already has an official website despite being just 16) there's even a form to contact ger manager. We hope Belinda can grow without excessive pressures and expectations and that her father know what his role is.